What do we do?

We support people to develop a more positive future through employment, training and education opportunities.

Our programmes provide the tools such as CV's, cover letters, interview techniques and job search assistance and help our candidates to develop their self confidence and self belief to create the future that they choose. Through personal and professional development our candidates are work-ready, more competitive in the job market, excited, encouraged and empowered to flourish. The Development Hub uses clever digital tools to assist in helping our clients and although we are powered by smart technology, we are most definitely driven by people.
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Specialists In The Job Search Process

We are invested in helping you on your journey for employment. Whether you are just starting out or you are returning to the workforce after a term of absence or looking for a change from what you have always done, we will inspire your job search process.

  • CV's and Cover Letters

    With a fresh perspective and friendly collaboration we can tailor a professional CV and provide you the additional support that will get you noticed.

  • Interview Preparation

    Key information and tools will cover the importance of the interview process and we will take you through necessary questions to help you feel more prepared.

  • Job Search Support

    We provide the job search tools, valuable information, contacts and personalised support to launch you confidently into your job search mission.

The Development Hub

We provide a range of programmes and services that support all individuals. Check out more below!

What do we provide?

People connecting with people is at the heart of The Development Hub. Our skilled and friendly staff are available to support you as you progress through personal and professional modules to ensure you feel well prepared and confident in your job search process best tools to assist them in their job search process.

  • The Development Hub utilises the smarts of today's technology, to reach people in their homes and on the go, whenever and wherever they choose to engage.

  • Users will receive self marketing preparation, tailored CV's, cover letters, career services guidance and effective job interview preparation to support success.

  • Our Development modules provide mental health and wellbeing support, budgeting, goal setting and comprehensive useful information surrounding the entire job search process.

Programme Info

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Who can enrol in the "Good to Go" programme?

Good to Go is there to support people who are looking for employment. Here is some of the criteria to enrol for free! You will require a Ministry of Social Development Client number - however you don't necessarily need to be on a benefit. Click on the link above to log in.

  • A New Zealand Citizen or permanent resident who is of working age?

  • A highly skilled job seeker who is close to the labour market or recently unemployed?

  • Have lost your job due to Covid-19 (or the impact of Covid-19) or are likely to be made redundant?

  • Are in receipt of some form of government financial assistant or will need to go on a benefit if you can't find work?

Request a client number?

Click on the link below to request a client number to be able to apply for enrolment.

We love what we do!

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